Say ‘yes’ to financial abundance

03 Aug Say ‘yes’ to financial abundance

I have tried several times to manifest abundance in my life, and each time miracles happen. It has not always been financial, however, I have shifted many of the mental and emotional blocks and beliefs I had about money and my worthiness to receive abundance.

Be honest with yourself about your beliefs about money. The vibration of your thought patterns effects how money manifests in your life.

Question your current ‘rules and beliefs’, you were a child when you established most of them. The world we live in is dominantly negative about money. ┬áTake the time to explore what you established as ‘real truth’, seek assistance if you need help to ‘tap’ into your subconscious to find out.

Invest time in yourself to remove your limitations and allow confidence, courage and believability to be the master of creating your own success and wealth.

I can help bring your sub-conscious beliefs to your conscious mind with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/tapping. Once you know what your beliefs are, you can replace them with positive, creative thoughts.

Choose to see yourself and life in the most loving, positive way. The One Infinite Mind, The One Infinite Intelligence, always says ‘yes’ to you.


Blessings to you, Jo