Commence the journey of soul discovery

12 Jan Commence the journey of soul discovery

I am writing to you from my heart soul-quote

My message today is one of peace.  The peace that is found deep within your soul.

Have the courage to commence the journey of soul discovery.  You are so worthy.


“I am a reflection of my Source

which is magnificent in all ways”

– Dr Wayne Dyer


Notice the ego that resists change, acknowledge it, and allow love to guide you.  Only love will bring all that you desire. For love is your reality.

Follow your gut instinct, it never lies.  Be still.  Listen.

The language of spirit is gentle, patient, kind.  Our language can be confusing, an illusion, a lie.  To know the difference is freedom, truth, your authentic self.

My soul honours your soul.

Whispers of truth coming your way


soul-quote Jo