The nature of true happiness

11 Mar The nature of true happiness

The deeper you inquire into the nature of true happiness, the more fully true happiness will reveal itself to you.

Do you make happiness a conscious intention at the start of your day?

Do you consider happiness to be part of your life’s purpose?

Do you want to be truly happy, or do you prefer to play it safe?

These are a few questions from the book, ‘be happy’ by Robert Holden. I found the questions in this book very helpful in my search for happiness. The mistake I made was looking for happiness outside myself.  We can all be fooled into thinking a new house, new job, new partner, holiday, shopping etc can bring us happiness. They are experience’s with a limited time of happiness.

Happiness attracts greater success in your life, your work and your relationships.

Happiness increases as you dare to be more true to yourself. Enjoy discovering your happiness within, start to notice  what is attracting you to help with this discovery –

  • books, inspirational video’s on you tube, crystals, energy healing, spending time in nature, yoga, meditation, retreats, workshops,  tapping, counselling, exercise, lifestyle changes

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