Health benefits of chakra balancing

11 Apr Health benefits of chakra balancing

There are 7 main energy centres in the body, known as chakras.  Each energy centre houses our mental and emotional strengths.   Physical issues are our indicator, and create weaknesses in our emotional behaviour.  When we release old ‘stuck’ emotional energy from the body, it can undo malfunction of the physical body as well as balance our emotional state of mind.

To help understand the Chakra system we can equat it to the autonomic nervous system.  Each chakra corresponds to a specific nervous plexus or cluster of ganglion neurons along the spinal cord pathway. These energy centres are the control nucleus of various body systems.

 Chakra imbalance affects human health.  The human being is a multi-dimensional reality, therefore, the treatment modality cannot only be directed to the physical body.

Mind and body are in such close communication and co-operation that both are always influencing and interacting with each other. The better the chakra energy centres function, the more harmony and balance we can create for ourself and our society.

My preferences for chakra balancing are crystals, essential oils, meditation, drumming with shamanic healing processes, Sekhem, yin and kundalini yoga, and tapping.  All have helped me personally, and my clients, to shift blocked energy and feel more expansive, creative, positive and in harmony emotionally and physically.


Jo, little shaman