5 Tips for a stress free family gathering

30 Nov 5 Tips for a stress free family gathering

What is meant to be a joyous experience leaves some of us holding our breath and wishing for the best…..

The good news is, we have more power than we think to create a good experience.

  1. Let go of expectation – when we let go of the expectation that things (and people) need to be perfect, we are able to see all there is to celebrate. Have compassion for yourself and your family, you are all doing the best you can with what you know.
  2. Heal the ‘buttons’ – When we take responsibility for the ‘button’ that can be pushed to upset us, and heal it, there is no button to push. Acknowledge your own worth, this will release the need for others approval.  NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BAD WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.                                                                Tapping and non violent communication are a great way to heal and change our patterning and beliefs.
  3. Choose what attitude you bring  – Consciously choose what you are going to bring – gratitude, compassion, playfulness, excitement and joy.
  4.  You are responsible for your own experience – You can choose what you’re bringing to the gathering, but you can’t control what others bring.  Choose not to let someone else’s mood impact on you. BRING YOUR BEST ENERGY AND FORGET THE REST. Be open to seeing things in a new way. Notice and appreciate everything that is going well.
  5. Remember what it’s all about – It’s all about connection and gratitude, to celebrate all of life’s blessings and to connect with each other.  ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PRESENT

Be open to a wonderful family gathering, take in each moment, because there are no guarantees in life.