Do you feel 'stuck' in your life?
Are you dealing with anxiety/ depression?
Are you seeking healing, grounding and love?
Are you experiencing grief?
Are you struggling to overcome addiction?

I help you explore and discover the depth of your feelings and needs, become friends with all parts of you, and develop a loving relationship with yourself and others.

What I am offering is to teach you techniques to help you feel good about yourself and your relationships with others

Become empowered

Activate change

Discover happiness

My intention:

What can I do to make your day more enjoyable?

What I am offering is to help you discover the wonder that you truly are. Walk with you through your ‘dark forest’, listening for your needs. Guiding you with my wisdom. Staying present in my heart, responding with compassion, and trusting all is as it is meant to be.

My passion is to help you explore and discover the depth of your true feelings and needs, and ‘unlearn’ all beliefs that interfere with self love, and achieving what you desire in your life.

The more I focus on love and how I may serve others, the more joy I experience in my life.

How may I serve you?

Blessings and love soul-quote

Joanne Steckelbruck




Methods and techniques used in my workshops and counselling sessions


Non violent Communication

I incorporate Marshall Rosenbergs ‘Non voilent commumication’ techniques in my sessions . Feel empowered, know change is possible, discover happiness.

Meditation helps you still your mind and connect with your heart. Calming. Peaceful. Healing.

 As a modern day Shaman I will guide you to connect with the miracle that you are. A miracle of

 Sekhem is high vibrational, channelled energy drawn from Living Light energy. It is a healing, balancing, grounding, peaceful experience.

 The healing energy of the crystals will merge with your body’s energy fields, promoting harmony and balance.

  Easy to use, practical and proven. Tapping will help you break the patterns that have held you back in your life.


 “The first time I meet Jo I could feel her radiant heart penetrate love deep into my soul. She is a beautiful woman and powerful, gifted healer with an abundance of love and healing to share with this world.

 Jo has completed all the Crystal Awakening workshops and has been a true pleasure to hold space with while she awakens her ancient gifts of healing into this present time and space.

It opens my heart to see Jo shining and dancing in her light.”

 Rachelle Charman

Founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening